Sunday, February 1, 2015

Something New: Pickled Pintos, Corn, and Poblano Peppers

At this point in my canning endeavors, I tend to stick with the same recipes.  We know what we like, and more importantly, we know what we will actually use and what we won't.  I am always on the lookout, though, for something new that can liven things up a bit but be an integral part of my cooking rather than just a condiment on the side.  

This past summer I found a recipe for Pickled Pintos, Corn, and Poblano Peppers in the BHG Canning magazine.  I thought the recipe looked interesting, and I also thought it looked more substantial than most other pickled veggies.  It looked like something that could be a main part of a dish rather than just something to jazz it up.  Since I had never made it before, I only made one batch of it to try, and I held off on posting about it until we ate it a few times.   

Well, we have now tried it, and we love it!  The beans and corn are filling, and even though they are pickled they have enough sweetness from the sugar and corn to make them versatile.  They can be eaten on top of tostadas or baked nachos (as we are doing this evening for the Super Bowl).  They can be incorporated into a taco, mixed into rice or other grains, added to salads, or eaten straight up with corn chips.  

They are a fantastic addition to my preserving list, and I will definitely be making them again this year. Here are pictures I took over the summer while canning the batch as well as pictures taken more recently while getting ready to use a jar. 

The only changes I made to this recipe was to substitute ground cumin for the cumin seeds because I could not find the seeds.  The original recipe can be found here.

Note:  For those concerned with the canning of corn or pintos without a pressure canner, this recipe is safe due to the fact that the vegetables and legumes are pickled.  

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