Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taking Inventory of 2012

Well, it's that time again. Time to take inventory of what is left from the foods put up last summer.  This is one of those things that is not necessarily fun but is important since otherwise we will end up with too much or too little of something which can mean a waste of money and food. 

As you can see, we went through most of what I made.  I did take a few jars of jams and pickles to work to sell when I realized we would not make it all the way through the batch, but I tried to limit what I took to no more than two jars from the batch.  That was a good way to recoup the money spent on jars and ingredients.  

So, here is what is left from 2012:  

3 quarts collards, frozen
3 quarts green beans, frozen
6 bags corn on cob, frozen (12 ears total)
1 jar jalapeno jelly (half-pint)
2 jars fig preserves (half-pints)
2 jars pear cranberry conserve (half-pints)
1 pint roasted salsa verde
2 jars chile garlic dills
5 jars roasted garlic pasta sauce
4 quarts peaches, frozen
2 pints zucchini, frozen
4 pints shredded summer squash, frozen

Taking inventory helps me see what we really liked using and what we didn't. This year when making my preserving list (which I did a few nights ago) I was able to see which quantities I needed to remain the same as well as which needed to increase/decrease.  

Here is what we really used/liked this year: 

corn, corn, corn (I will be putting up the same amount- 2 bushels)
crushed tomatoes (we ran out of these early- may double the batch)
roasted salsa verde (need same amount)
tomato soup (need same or more)
zucchini/frozen corn mix (enjoyed using in Chicken and Veg Tostadas)
frozen carrots (may try pressure canning if I can get them cheap)
pickled jalapenos (especially on Nachos Grandes)
chile garlic dills (we liked these better than other quick pickles)
dilly beans

Here is what we don't need as much of:

frozen peaches
frozen collards
shredded yellow squash

In addition, there are several items that I only make every other year.  For example, we don't eat that much jam or fruit butter, so I don't really need to make each variety every single year.  This year we are finally out of pickled beets from 2011 and apple butter, so those will be on my list in the fall.  

Let the summer begin!    

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