Monday, November 26, 2012

Freezing Pie Crusts

Okay, I know that Thanksgiving was last week and most people want cleansing food right now, not pie, but I have to share the most ridiculously logical and yet unthought-of-by-me approach to pie crusts.  Frozen crusts.  So simple, I can't believe it never crossed my mind before now.  I mean, I have made and frozen disks of pie dough which are easily thawed and rolled accordingly, but I never (call me crazy...I know!) thought to actually roll it out, place it in a pie plate with pretty fluted edges, and freeze it.  It makes pie so easy! 

So, even though Thanksgiving has passed, there are more holidays just around the corner, and you can never be too prepared for homemade pie.  Whip up a double batch of your favorite pie dough or use my favorite all-butter dough, and get it ready ahead of time.  You won't regret it. 

To freeze the crusts, simply chill your dough as you normally would.  Then roll it out and place it in aluminum pie pans (or in your good pie pans if you don't mind freezing them).  Flute the edges as desired, and stack the crusts with wax paper in between each.  Put the stack in a plastic bag or wrap in wax paper and aluminum foil and freeze.  When you need one, just remove it from the bag and bake from frozen just as you would a store-bought crust. 

FYI...the pie in the pictures is Toffee Pecan Pie from Martha Stewart (very likely the best pecan pie recipe you will ever try...seriously!). 


  1. Well, this certainly makes me wish I hadn't already frozen my extra post-Thanksgiving pie crust wrapped up in foil in the freezer. Of course, the leftover pumpkin pie is still in the pie there's that. Anyway, this is a great idea!

  2. thanks sweety, I just bake apple pie but still have a lot of leftover dough, glad I can put it in the fridge